Danish minister calls for compromise on Brexit

Tories under pressure to secure a Brexit deal

Tories under pressure to secure a Brexit deal

Asked about Mr Davis's absence - which is apparently for parliamentary duties -the European Commission spokesperson said the pace of talks would depend on the availability of British negotiators.

'Because what we are dealing with here is not rocket science.

The European Commission has hit back at Theresa May's comments on Brexit negotiations, admonishing the Prime Minister and warning Britain it still has more work to do before a deal can be struck.

Instead, she can only do what the anti-EU, pro-hard Brexit wing of her Conservative party wants, which is to surrender very little ground and refuse to offer up any significant details about the divorce bill.

While May has called for a two-year transition period after Brexit to ease the impact on the economy, hardline Brexiteers want to cut ties with Europe more decisively.

The U.K is increasingly anxious to move talks on to discussing future trade relations, but so far the European Union says there hasn't been "sufficient progress" on the major divorce terms - the size of the Brexit bill, the status of the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland and the rights of 3 million European Union citizens living in Britain and 1 million Britons in other member states.

But the European Parliament last week backed a motion stating there had not been enough progress to move on to the next phase of the talks on the future trading relationship. Shortly after that, Labour announced that it was in favor of a post-Brexit transitional period of between two and four years, during which the United Kingdom would remain in the EU's single market and customs union.

Initially Barnier had hoped to achieve "sufficient progress" to move on to discussing future EU-UK relations by the end of October, with the clock ticking for a deal before Britain leaves the bloc in March 2019.

This stalemate is bad news and makes either no deal or a best-case-scenario bad deal the most likely outcome.

UK Prime Minister Theresa May will say today (10 0ctober) that 'the ball is in the EU-27's court.

Jensen called for compromise, saying "this will never be a 100 percent win for one side or the other side".

In the wake of the Brexit referendum, the British Conservative Party changed.

May told British lawmakers that "there is a new dynamic in the negotiations" since her major Brexit speech in Florence, Italy, last month.

"The leaders want to lead, they want to make history", said another senior European Union diplomat who said the summiteers could break next week from the advice of their own officials.

The simple fact is that half a loaf is always better than starving to death, although personally I think we should be aiming a tad higher than avoiding death.

They have also complained that their voice has been drowned out by disagreement and division in the government, and they have not heard anything to give them the certainty they need to plan and invest in their businesses.

Nonetheless, governments are extremely wary of any attempt by British negotiators to divide their solid display of unity and are anxious not to appear to be going soft on May, despite some sympathy for the balancing act she faces.