'Justice League' Trailer Shows Superman; Fans React To Henry Cavill's First Appearance

Justice League

Justice League

Ahead of its release next month, Warner Bros. has unveiled a brand new trailer for its DC blockbuster Justice League. Of course, the fact that we open on a dramatic scene of Amy Adams looking forlorn in an empty field will do that. It opens with a shot of Henry Cavill's Man of Steel - who sacrificed his life past year in "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice" - appearing in a dream to his love interest, Lois Lane (Amy Adams). We also glimpse Gotham City Police Commissioner Gordon (JK Simmons) and a band of Amazons who, along with their horses, apparently left Themyscira to fight the big bad. We'll have to wait to see how he really figures into the story.

Unlike the final trailer of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Warner Bros. have stuck the landing this time around and the fans have been noticing. We can save that for the inevitable sequel. Hopefully, "Justice League" and "Cyborg" will help prove that and inspire legions of viewers moving forward.

With New York Comic Con 2017 drawing to a close today, DC elected to drop a new Justice League trailer to celebrate the occasion. Whedon directed the additional photography for the sequel and is overseeing the completion of its post production following Snyder's family tragedy. Set to "Heroes" by David Bowie, the trailer begins with Lois' dream and then moves on to Batman (Ben Affleck) describing his dream that featured the end of the world. Everyone looks great, except Cyborg played by Ray Fisher.

It seems that despite the spoiler-loving habits of many comic book movie fans, Superman's return from the dead is one thing they want to wait and see on the big screen. The movie hits theaters on November 17. Together, Batman and Wonder Woman work quickly to recruit a team to stand against this newly awakened enemy.