Danish police find body parts of missing journalist Kim Wall

Kim Wall who was aboard a submarine

Kim Wall who was aboard a submarine"UC3 Nautilus before it sank. TT NEWS AGENCY Tom Wall Handout via REUTER

Danish police say they have found body parts, including the head, of journalist Kim Wall, as they investigate how she died after she boarded a submarine.

Police inspector Jens Moller said there was another bag containing her clothes.

Last night our forensic dentist confirmed that it was Kim Wall. Wall's arms are still missing.

This would seem to contradict Mr Madsen's statement that she had died after hitting her head on a hatch.

Peter Madsen has been charged with killing Ms Wall, 30, who disappeared after she went on a trip with him on his submarine on August 10.

The findings were made about a kilometer from where her torso was found on August 21 after it washed ashore in Copenhagen. The cause of death has yet to be established.

Earlier this week, prosecutor Jakob Buch-Jepsen told a court custody hearing that a hard disk found in Madsen's workshop contained fetish films in which real women were tortured, decapitated, and burned. The charge sheet alleges Madsen cut Wall's body into pieces, punctured her torso and tied pipes to it to make it sink to the bottom of the sea. A forensics team will continue to examine the newly discovered body parts and will look for DNA on the clothing.

"It is from an exploratory angle, but definitely also from an ethical angle, so that the relatives of Kim Wall can get a whole human being once she is to be buried", Møller Jensen said reports Danish newspaper Politiken.

She reported on gender, popular culture, identity and foreign policy from China, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Haiti, North Korea, India and the Marshall Islands and was published by Harper's Magazine, New York Times, Foreign Policy, Atlantic, TIME, Slate, Vice and Guardian. Wall was working on a story about Madsen, who dreamed of launching a manned space mission.