Machine gun tourism in spotlight after Vegas shooting

Machine gun tourism in spotlight after Vegas shooting

Machine gun tourism in spotlight after Vegas shooting

Democrats in both the House and Senate unveiled new legislation Wednesday to ban the low-priced device used by the Las Vegas gunman to rapidly fire semi-automatic rifles like machine guns in the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

In a statement released Thursday, NRA officials said that the group "believes that devices created to allow semi-automatic rifles to function like fully-automatic rifles should be subject to additional regulations".

But if it does, it will be taking a small step toward more sensible gun laws - with more to come, we can hope - for a country that is tired of all the dying. Police say they found so-called "bump-stocks" in Stephen Paddock's hotel room: legal but controversial accessories that increase the rate of fire, effectively transforming a rifle into a fully automatic weapon. A semi-automatic fires once each time a trigger is pulled. "There is no reason for them to buy something that makes the gun nearly fully automatic", said Mr Cohen.

"That [gun] firing ought to be echoing in our minds as we consider whether a bump stock device should be permitted to be sold lawfully", said Sen. In an appearance on CNN Thursday morning (Oct. 5) White House counselor Kellyanne Conway also blamed the ATF under Obama for not regulating bump stocks further.

The president of the Connecticut Citizens Defense League, Scott Wilson, called bump stocks gimmicky devices and said evil will always find a way. "We just saw heartbreakingly in Las Vegas the danger that poses to society and we got to make sure our laws are updated to reflect that", Lesser said.

At least one House Republican, Carlos Curbelo of Florida, is working on a bipartisan bill to crack down on bump stocks, and a number of other key GOP lawmakers, including the House Judiciary Committee chairman, Bob Goodlatte of Virginia, are looking into the issue.

"It replaces the pistol grip and the stock", Caleb Giddings, owner of National Armory in Pompano Beach, said.

Georgia's other Republican senator, Johnny Isakson, says in part that he believes we need common sense solutions that keep all Americans safe without infringing on our Constitutional rights.

"That's something I think we'll take a look at", Sen.

"I know what guns can do", Feinstein said.

The comments from lawmakers including No. 2 Senate Republican John Cornyn of Texas mark a surprising departure from the GOP's general antipathy to gun regulations of any kind.

In Las Vegas, the gunman fired for about 10 minutes, but in the first 31 seconds, 280 shots were fired.