Kate Winslet Begins to Unravel in Trailer for Woody Allen's 'Wonder Wheel'

Ginny grows weary of Humpty's daughter in the

Ginny grows weary of Humpty's daughter in the

Oscar-winner Kate Winslet is coming undone, against the gorgeous backdrop of 1950s Coney Island, in the new trailer for Woody Allen's period crime drama Wonder Wheel.

And all of that is set to Allen's standard whimsy and nostalgic palette.

The film's plot revolves around four performances - Timberlake, a lifeguard; Kate Winslet, a waitress; Jim Belushi, Winslet's rough and tough husband; and Juno Temple, Winslet and Belushi's estranged daughter.

The film will be released in the United States on the 1st of December. It's not entirely clear from the trailer how Timberlake's lifeguard Mickey has secret dreams of being a playwright, and he may or may not have something going on with Winslet's Ginny.

Winslet is garnering Oscar buzz again for her portrayal of the emotionally volatile Ginny in Allen's latest feature under his deal with Amazon Studios.

Coney Island is filled with bright lights, fun rides, and big smiles - but it also has a darker side in the first trailer for Woody Allen's "Wonder Wheel". Not only does the film find Tony Sirico, Steve Schirripa, and Max Casella back together for the first time since The Sopranos, but also marks yet another collaboration between Allen and cinematographer Vittorio Storaro, whose work on the film looks absolutely phenomenal.

Winslet's portrayal of the over-dramatic and overwhelmed Ginny, who grows more and more rattled by Carolina's presence, seems spot on, as does Belushi's portrayal of her disgruntled mechanic husband.

"Wonder Wheel" premieres at the conclusion of the NYFF on October 14.