Yes, the Xbox One X's vertical stand will be sold separately

Yes, the Xbox One X's vertical stand will be sold separately

Yes, the Xbox One X's vertical stand will be sold separately

The Xbox One X is seemingly destined to fail, and Microsoft will have no one to blame but themselves when that happens. The company capped their reveal with a trailer shown during their Gamescom 2017 press conference in Cologne, Germany on Sunday, Aug. 20.

The bulk of the presentation consisted of either footage of games we've seen many times before (Cuphead), repeats of E3 announcements (the impending Xbox port of Player Unknown's Battlegrounds), and a lackluster - yet painfully lengthy - presentation of the Xbox One X that was "highlighted" by the reveal of a new limited edition of the console that will be available at launch.

However, being special it is available only in limited quantities, so hurry up before it is gone for good!

The Project Scorpio Edition that was announced at Gamescom has a slightly different texture and includes an exclusive vertical stand. Amazon sold out of its stock fairly quickly, and soon major retailers such as Best Buy and GameStop followed suit. Sounds and effects from the game series are also used by this particular Xbox for certain actions. The limited edition of the console is listed at $499 Dollars and there is limited supply so you better get to it if you want to buy it.

"Yes, we have it running at 4k/60fps on an Xbox One X at the moment".

Many people are complaining that Microsoft is asking too much money for Xbox One X. However, they couldn't be more wrong since Microsoft doesn't ask $500 for nothing. It is undeniable that Microsoft has truly made the Xbox One X one hell of an impressive console. It would make sense for the One X stand to come in at a similar price point. Xbox One X is the first console to offer true 4K gaming which completely changes how games look into the better.

The following is a list of titles with established fan bases that are nearly guaranteed to make a splash on Xbox One should they be ported over to the console.