Android O to 'touch down' on Aug 21 solar eclipse

The Google Pixel, Nexus 5X, and Nexus 6P all are the first liners which are slated to get the update with Android 8.0 Oreo "soon".

Android O will clearly be released on 21 August according to this. For this announcement, the search giant has decided tie the launch of a new product to a major astronomy event: a total solar eclipse.

The Android 8 release event will start at 2:40PM eastern time, which is when it is expected that the solar eclipse will be at its maximum in NY. These leaks directly suggest that the Google has settled on the choice of Oreo for the Android O.

The latest release will be called Oreo for sure unless Google does not intend to troll everyone. So yes, there's still a lot of confusion about the final name. But if tweets from Evan Blass and David Ruddock are to be believed, we might have Android O on 21st August.

The way apps operate in the background will also be tweaked as part of Google's ongoing efforts to improve battery life on Android. Here's everything we need to know about Android O. With PIP mode, users can see two apps at once.

Previously, Android users could only allow all or block all notifications from each app. The dot will appear only for unread notification. In fact, you will most likely have to click each one to see if it's the video you're looking for.

It is a feature which lets you use an app from the Google Play Store without even installing it. Google has already made improvements to boot times in Android Nougat, but with Android O, it is making things faster and better.

The Android O, which is also known as Android 8.0, is regarded to be the next version of Android. The marriage of high-end, powerful hardware with Android software will help Google prepare for an "AI-first world", executives said previous year.

On my test device, the system update for Android 8.0 - Oreo showed up immediately ready to download, and was relatively quick to install.

Sometimes, rumors and speculations come true.