Indian origin activist places inflatable 'Trump chicken' near White House

Top Trump aides clash over direction of US foreign policy

Top Trump aides clash over direction of US foreign policy

The seller is also providing free shipping as well as an air blower, ropes and sandbags to help you set up the giant inflatable.

As soon as the chicken balloon was set up, the area became crowded with people who took photographs with it.

The US President, however, missed "Trump chicken" as he is away on his "working vacation" at his golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey, something that probably the protest easier.

Congress and the American public will hold President Trump responsible if a careless or ill-advised miscalculation results in conflict that endangers our servicemembers and regional allies.

Although Trump is now on vacation at his New Jersey golf resort for 17 days, and will not be able to see the chicken staring him down in the Oval Office, Twitter mused about the crowds who flocked to take photos.

The Weekly Standard reported Wednesday that the White House, including the president's national security team, did not help Trump prepare his remarks on North Korea, which were delivered ahead of a meeting on the opioid crisis in the US and prompted by new reports that North Korea has escalated its nuclear program. "What they say is that an image speaks a thousand words and this image does very well at piercing through and presenting Trump as the ineffective leader he is", he said, according to Fox10. According to Chinese belief, the rooster is the only bird included in the Chinese zodiac.

The chicken balloon was designed by Seattle artist Casey Latiolais, 31, and produced in China. However, after a culmination of a five-month process, he received his permit Tuesday from the National Park Services, the Washington Examiner reported.

"Not a comment on Trump or his presidency, but I just kind of love the inflatable chicken w/Trump hair".

Now it appears the chicken has made its return, this time to Washington D.C. "He's too afraid to release his tax returns, too afraid to stand up to Vladimir Putin, and now he's playing chicken with North Korea".

When asked what Trump might think of the inflatable chicken, Brar said he expects the president will be enraged.