US Unable to Confirm Health Status of Personnel Involved in Cuba Incident

U.S. says two Cuban diplomats expelled after 'incidents' in Havana

U.S. says two Cuban diplomats expelled after 'incidents' in Havana

Cuba's state security closely monitors USA diplomats, many of whom live in housing owned and maintained by the Cuban government. "The government is actively working - including with United States and Cuban authorities - to ascertain the cause". "At this time, we do not have any reason to believe Canadian tourists and other visitors could be affected". "It's virtually impossible for anyone to take action against an American diplomat without an element of the Cuban state being aware".

The Associated Press reported that a U.S. investigation determined that the American diplomats' hearing loss could have been linked to sonic devices which emit inaudible sound waves that can cause deafness.

The Cuban Foreign Ministry said Wednesday it had started an "exhaustive" investigation into the weird incidents which the United States said had caused physical symptoms in its diplomats serving here. The AP also reported that investigators are trying to determine if the Cuban government used sonic devices that create non-audible noise to try to deafen the Americans.

The U.S. officials weren't authorized to discuss the investigation publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.

"Some U.S. government personnel who were working at our embassy in Havana, Cuba on official duty ... reported some incidents which have caused a variety of physical symptoms", spokeswoman Nauert told reporters Wednesday.

The State Department learned about the incident in late 2016, which the United States responded to by expelling two diplomats from the Cuban Embassy in Washington on May 23.

It's in response to a series of incidents that left American diplomats in Cuba with physical symptoms.

The U.S. Embassy building in Havana, shown in 2015.

"It can be quite serious", one official told CNN.

Fox News can confirm that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is now investigating.

More incidents reportedly followed, which led American diplomats to leave Cuba. Like virtually all foreign diplomats in Cuba, the victims of the incidents lived in housing owned and maintained by the Cuban government.

Investigators are exploring the possibility that another country, such as Russian Federation, carried out the attack without the Cuban government's knowledge.

Global Affairs Canada, the coutnry's foreign ministry, says the government is working with the USA and Cuban governments to find out what happened.

"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reaffirms that Cuba complies strictly and seriously with its obligations under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961 regarding the protection of the integrity of diplomatic agents and the premises of the mission", the ministry added.

It said it had objected to the expulsion of its officials, while also urging the United States to work together to shed light on the incidents in Havana. The use of sonic devices to intentionally harm diplomats would be unprecedented.