This game allows players become their favorite Marvel heroes in virtual reality

Анонсирована Marvel Powers United VR для Oculus Rift

Анонсирована Marvel Powers United VR для Oculus Rift

D23 is where Disney wanted to showcase their commitment to continuing to bring a variety of games into various technological spaces. The game is called Marvel Powers United VR and will be exclusive to the Oculus Rift device featuring a blend of shooter and action elements utilizing different power sets and weaponry from a wide range of Marvel's library of characters.

Kingdom Hearts III wasn't the only thing detailed at Disney's D23 event over the weekend - the company also announced Marvel Powers United VR. A short video was shown with popular Twitch streamers playing through a snippet of the game.

Check out the announcement trailer below. They will get to pick their favorite Marvel heroes. Rocket Raccoon will have his trademark blasters and a scatter rifle, while Captain Marvel will have the power of flight, alongside photon beams and super strength. But there will be a dozen of playable Marvel characters.

The game will be an Oculus Rift-exclusive and you will certainly need an Oculus Rift headset and Touch controllers to play it. Once a character has been chosen, players will need to stop notable Marvel villains, accomplish missions and aim for high scores.

On the other hand, Captain Marvel (also known as Carol Danvers) can use her Photon Beams and Energy Blasts to target far off enemies. Powers United VR allows players to play as some of their favourite characters from the Marvel universe, as they embark on a journey to "reclaim the Cosmic Cube and restore order to the universe".