Nintendo Switch's biggest system update yet is now available

Additionally, Nintendo (ntdoy) says that the update, software version 3.0, will add notification support, so users can be alerted to their friends coming online.

Fuze's chief executive, Jon Silvera, said: 'We are deeply honoured and very excited to have been accepted as an independent developer for Nintendo Switch. The latest version for the system comes with a few technical and aesthetic changes. Update 3.0.0 allows the Switch to support wired controllers, including the Pokken Pro Pad from the original Pokken Tournament. This update has now made possible because controllers are small and can be easily lost under a sofa or so.

FUZE TECHNOLOGIES has announced that it's bringing its Code Studio software to the Nintendo Switch, enabling owners of the hybrid console to create their own games. This doesn't change with the update either, leaving players at risk of data loss if something happens to their device. Another fix is for unintended HDMI input change.

The range? I couldn't break the connection within the confines of a capacious house, and the decibel levels were high enough that I could still hear my Pro controller and red/blue Joy-Cons bleating in my office while standing several dozen paces away by the kitchen sink.

Unfortunately, the Switch didn't play well with this system. For example, you can now choose from six Splatoon 2 characters for use with your avatar. However, this feature can be turned on and off depending on a user's personal preference. Another handy update is landing on the uninstall screen. Registered channels will then show up in News, letting you stay up to date on announcements from your favourite titles. The system volume can be changed using the quick setting. For typing you can use Fuze's touchscreen keyboard or plug in a USB keyboard - like that new official Nintendo Switch keyboard, for instance. If not, there is a manual option as well.