Nebraska Girl Banned From Soccer Tournament Because She "Looks Like A Boy"

Mili Hernandez was disqualified from the finals of the Springfield Soccer Club girls tournament after officials insisted Mili is a boy.

"Just because I look like a boy doesn't mean I am a boy".

The shocking decision left Mili in tears, her father, Gerardo, said. "So I didn't like my hair long".

Mili Hernandez loves playing soccer, but she doesn't look like a lot of the other girls on her team. He said her full first name is Milagros and that Mili is a nickname she's had since she was a baby.

The organizers did say that the Hernandez family can appeal the disqualification to the Nebraska State Soccer Association. He says he even showed the little girl's insurance card to tournament organizers to prove his daughter is a girl, but they wouldn't budge.

That's definitely one of the most awful things you could do to this child.her team/club.what kind of idiots are on this board.probably the same ones that are on the OPS school board.Not only is an apology necessary.the removal of the boards President is needed.very negligent.

Mili won't let the incident stop her from playing.

"She was ready to play, " he said. "They made her cry". Mili's all-girls team, the Azzurri Achurros, won two of their three games on Saturday, guaranteeing them a spot in one of Sunday's final games.

He said Mili, who is from Omaha and will be in third grade in the fall, has played soccer for three years.

They checked the roster and noticed that Mili, who has short dark hair, was listed as a boy on the team's regular season roster and the roster for the tournament, Bianco said.

Springfield Soccer Club organizers declined a request for an interview, directing affiliate WOWT to contact their attorney on Monday, instead.