Owlboy Announced For The Nintendo Switch

The Global ARMS Test Punch Demo event will also be available in the game that will allow the players to check out the game before even its launch.

Now you have an idea on what's inside the game if you don't have one yet.

"This Nintendo Direct presentation offered great reasons why ARMS is flawless for players of all ages, whether they are familiar with fighting games or not".

Finally, some polls on what we saw in the ARMS Direct; tell us what you thought in these and the comments below!

The PC platform game made its PC debut previous year and is now without a Nintendo Switch release date. It is nice to have more color choices for the console. The full list of Testpunch times is available here. All Switch owners will need to do is download the demo from the Nintendo eShop and log in during the announced days.

Aside from the standard action thrilling one-on-one fighting, ARMS has also some amusing mode, a game that gives some fun variety to the players. The basic Fight mode lets you fight against one player, with bombs or healing items dropping on the arena. Navigating through the stages, you will be able to team up with a slew of different characters and use their special abilities to fight special bosses and enemies as he flies them through the air majestically.

If fighting isn't what you really want to do, then there are modes such as V-Ball (where you play volleyball with an explosive ball), Hoops (try dunking your opponents into a basketball hoop), and Skill Shot (wreck as many targets as possible). There haven't been much details about this upcoming Switch title, and we don't know the exact release date or the price as of now. Apparently, a new set of modes is expected to arrive to "ARMS" as soon as its gets released.

Arms has a few battle modes for skilled players.