Pain And Lil Wayne Release Collab Project, Nearly 10 Years After Announcement

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The hint comes nine years after the project's first mention, where T-Pain upped the excitement ante by revealing to MTV in 2008 that the album's construction was actively underway.

After teasing it yesterday, the project, titled T-Wayne, has been released on both YouTube and Soundcloud. Now it seems like Pain doesn't give a f*ck about waiting any longer. He tweeted: "These the lost files from '09 and I'm exhausted of em just sitting on my hard drive". We're not sure how this works with Wayne's label situation but maybe it could come out for free or as a T-Pain album with Lil Wayne "featured" on every song, a la Collegrove. Although today's mumble rap fans might not remember, hip-hop fiends from the early 2000s who witnessed the creation of T-Wayne know the story behind their unreleased joint album all too well. This project is a time capsule of a bygone era but doesn't hint at any new solo projects from the respective artists.

Will he finally drop the album regardless of what Lil Wayne and his camp has to say?

No frauds here, Lil Wayne is gearing up to sue Martin Shkreli.

T-Pain's niece, Javona Glover, was fatally stabbed last August.

It's been almost 8 years on hold, but T-Pain & Lil Wayne's long forgot about album, T-Wayne, could be back on schedule.